News Bulletin - March 7, 2021

Recently, we attended a hearing on the Department of Economic Opportunity’s and Deloitte’s Motions to Dismiss. Those Motions are still pending and we have not received a ruling from the Judge on the Motions yet. However, last week, the Chief Inspector General or the Office of the Governor just completed its review of CONNECT and confirms all arguments we have been making in this case about the failures of the unemployment system in Florida. The Office of Chief Inspector General released a “Review of The Department of Economic Opportunity Florida Connect System” and states in part that “the requirements for the [unemployment benefits] system were never fully tested nor documented. By not meeting contractual capacities, the CONNECT system was poorly positioned to handle the unprecedented claims volume beginning in March/April 2020.” The report goes on to outline some of the failings of the company largely responsible for designing the system, including that the system completed was not the system which was proposed, and that the company had staffing issues which contributed to the Florida CONNECT system failure. The report makes several recommendations as to the responsibility of the state agency (in this instance, the Department of Economic Opportunity, which is responsible for unemployment benefits) for ensuring the quality of the systems which they use to do their job. A copy of the report is posted here for your complete review.

We believe this report to be a giant benefit to our case and again have submitted it to the Judge for his consideration. We will continue to post updates on the case here on the website, so please check for updates. Based on the overwhelming number of Floridians who have been negatively impacted by this crisis, our offices are not able update everyone individually. This website is the best source of news and information. We will continue to zealously pursue a positive outcome for everyone who has been hurt by this situation, and we wish everyone involved the best. Stay tuned!

For the Chief Inspector General's Report, click here.

News Bulletin - May 28, 2020

To those following this issue and potential class members in the pending case against DEO and Deloitte: Today, the court ruled that an injunction could not be passed ordering DEO to urgently fix the unemployment system in order to get everyone paid immediately. This is not the end of the lawsuit. It is only the beginning. This was a ruling on only one part of the case. We are working to move forward with the lawsuit as quickly as possible. Do not lose hope! We are still here fighting for you..

News Bulletin - May 6, 2020

Unfortunately, Circuit Judge Angela Dempsey dismissed our Petition for a Writ of Mandamus. We filed this Petition on your behalf, and on behalf of all Floridians waiting for the funds and answers they so desperately need. We are not giving up! We are gearing up for more Motions, and we will continue to fight for you!

For coverage of hearing, click here.

May 5, 2020

On Wednesday, May 6th at 1:30 pm, there will be a telephonic hearing before Judge Angela Dempsey on several matters. The first order of business will be addressing a Motion to Dismiss filed by the Governor and the Department of Economic Opportunity in their attempt to block the emergency petition for relief that we filed. The Court will hear that Motion first and then decide how it will manage the request for emergency relief we have requested. We will update this page tomorrow on the hearing results.


June 11 Order Amended Writ Plaintiff's Motion to Dismiss Order for Hearing